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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Soya Dekor situated?

You will find Soya Dekor in Bethal, Mpumalanga, South Africa


2. How can we contact Soya Dekor?

You can contact us at Soya Dekor via the following easy methods

- Email: bothacornel@gmail.com

- Cell: 082 855 8586

- Website: http://www.soyadekor.co.za

- Facebook: Just search for Soya Dekor on Facebook or go to www.facebook.com/soyadekor


3. How do we register as a wholesaler on Soya Dekor?

  1. Create an account on www.soyadekor.co.za
  2. Once created, log in to your account on www.soyadekor.co.za and buy the 'Become a Soya Dekor Wholesaler' product or go to this link: http://www.soyadekor.co.za/become-a-soya-dekor-wholesaler/
  3. The R2500 that you pay for the 'Become a Soya Dekor Wholesaler' product will then be loaded as store credit on your account


4. Where can we buy Soya Dekor products

Soya Dekor products can be bought from our website http://www.soyadekor.co.za or from various stores stocking Soya Dekor products


5. How long is your leadtime?

The leadtime of each Soya Dekor product that has one, is mentioned in the product description. If a Soya Dekor product does not have a leadtime in the description, it means that the product is readily available.


6. What shipping method do you use?

At Soya Dekor we use registered post and couriers as shipping methods


7. How do I as a Soya Dekor customer know what shipping fees I will be liable for?

We will work out the shipping fees for you based on your order and we will include the charge in an invoice that will be sent to you.


8. Where are the Soya Dekor products made?

Soya Dekor is a proudly South African company and all products are made locally


9. Does Soya Dekor have Sales Representatives on the road?

Yes we have Sales Representatives in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West and the Limpopo Province


10. Do you do markets?

Soya Dekor only exhibits at the Mosaik Expo


11. Does Soya Dekor make custom made products on order?

Yes we do, as far as possible


12. Can I buy from you on account?

Unfortunately not. All orders are COD



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